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Pack Your Lunch

Surviving is often nuts and bolts, food and shelter. On any typical camping trip, with the right ten items, it’s fun; without them, you can die. It can be that simple. What are the...

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The End of Empires

I was struggling with insomnia when I had a thought about why empires end, historically. What drives great nations, the driving force of empires is the power of new ideas. The energy it gives...

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New Podcast with Jay Mohr

Click here, to visit Jay Mohr’s – Mohr Stories to listen to my episode. Jay’s uncle Dan was also in the house, who is an excellent character… Let me know what you think. I...

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New Book in Stores!!!

Disaster Diaries is in stores now…. FRAT WARNING: “Sheridan is a charming storyteller, and his prose is both thoughtful and playful… everything he has learned has not made him paranoid and believing that the...

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I did a couple of interviews yesterday, and I’m definitely getting into the flow of it. Sure, it’s a little annoying, but basically anybody who wants to talk about something that I’ve put so...

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BJJ/MMA for kids

I think that studying BJJ and or MMA is great for kids. Yes, of course you need strict supervision, and good parenting–that’s true for any sport. The thing about BJJ is, it’s Anti-Bully. What’s...

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With the Steve Jobs worship…he was a businessman and an inventor, not Mahatma Gandhi or Louis Pasteur. He invented some neato, silly devices, he’s no Edison. From the way he’s being discussed you’d think...

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Legalize It!

On January 19th, when New York Governor David Patterson unveils his budget plan, he is expected to propose that the State legalize Mixed-Martial-Arts (MMA). Known primarily through its most successful promotion, the Ultimate Fighting...