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Pack Your Lunch

Surviving is often nuts and bolts, food and shelter. On any typical camping trip, with the right ten items, it’s fun; without them, you can die. It can be that simple. What are the...

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The End of Empires

I was struggling with insomnia when I had a thought about why empires end, historically. What drives great nations, the driving force of empires is the power of new ideas. The energy it gives...

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New Podcast with Jay Mohr

Click here, to visit Jay Mohr’s – Mohr Stories to listen to my episode. Jay’s uncle Dan was also in the house, who is an excellent character… Let me know what you think. I...

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New Book in Stores!!!

Disaster Diaries is in stores now…. FRAT WARNING: “Sheridan is a charming storyteller, and his prose is both thoughtful and playful… everything he has learned has not made him paranoid and believing that the...

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Striking in MMA–an old article 10

Striking in MMA–an old article

This is an old article that is still pretty relevant…. “The Shovel and the Epee” : Striking in Boxing and MMA As MMA skyrockets in popularity, the resistance of mainstream media outlets (Sports Illustrated...

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I had fun writing this, Man I want Rashad to win! I just like that guy, I like how he trains, I like how he fights, I think he’s a good dude. I...

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The things I hope for this website….

I hope eventually that this site could become a place where people can share their own stories, their own “World Is Made of Fire” tales of struggle. Like Greg Jackson’s favorite Celtic proverb, “See...