How the World is made of fire initiative came about ?

If you are the face of your business, then sooner or later, someone is going to want to spit in that face. And I'm not telling you this to scare you - I'm telling you this to prepare you and immunize you.

Whether you're selling crafts, training real estate training, socks, or courses for architects. There will ALWAYS be someone who won't like it.

I previously worked as a community moderator for **predictors and analysts** on a tournament gaming forum esport talk . Previously, I worked as a contributor to prediction sites and as a community manager on These are various projects for which I have dedicated some of my time like , gosugamers and liqipedia . I am still involved, but much less so now. A rude, vulgar comment under a forum post, on a blog, or on my Instagram, or in a private message or email, is garbage. It's also toxic, which is why it get rid of it as soon as possible, so it doesn't harm to you and those around you. Don't be reluctant to delete a message no matter no matter where it appears. You are doing yourself a favor yourself by protecting yourself from the cesspool that someone tries to spill on you, but also to others who may get splashes. Please remember that this is out of your control, so you can't take the wise coaches' comments to heart! You can't change how the internet works or how young people make money but you can change your reaction to such unwanted events. I started out as a moderato myself on the (esports forum) . My section dealt with betting on bookmaker types - esport betting tips section.

I remembered a few lessons. The first one

Trash should be put in the trash !! By deleting piggy comments you are letting them know that you take your place on the web and your community seriously, and you don't allow someone to make it into a den. Don't throw away love letters!


A lot of the content is strictly for my subscribers but from time to time I share on the blog as well. You can be whoever you want to be and blame only yourself What motivated me on ESPORTAL is the thought of love letters from customers. With those from ex-partners or partners do what you want, I do not I don't care ;-) What are love letters from avid readers ? They are all the positive comments that your recipients have left in your your places on the web and all the messages in which your community warmly expresses your business. In other words: they are expressions of affection for you and what you do. It is worth preparing a special drawer for such love letters, i.e. a folder on your computer or in your folder on your computer or in your e-mail inbox where you can collect the positive your recipients. Why do you need this? To have at hand an effective remedy for the negative feelings resulting from someone trying to insult you on the online. If you feel bad even for a moment because someone has thrown mud in your direction, you immediately open your drawer of love letters and feel a wave of warmth flood over you. Nothing makes you feel better than as authentic evidence that what you're doing is meaningful and gives others value. It helps not only in case of heckling, but in all moments of doubt, which is why I strongly encourage you to collect such messages in one folder! And if my activity on Twitter, My gambler blog or YouTube helps you and you see the value in the knowledge, that I share with you, help me to reach others with it. Every product has its target customer. There are no goods or services that will appeal to everyone. It's normal. That is why it is worth communicate to whom our offer is addressed, and to whom it is not.

However, despite these efforts our sales funnel will pass through

receivers, who are not our target customers. And it is them who will most likely ask you if they should buy your product. And you have to decide how to respond. Squeeze the sale or dissuade from buying? A customer persuaded by force will not be satisfied with your products. He will feel cheated, because you promise him the golden mountains, which later do get. In his eyes you are a crook. Not to mention the fact that you will probably have a complaint. The game is not worth the candle. That is why in situations like this, I try to dissuade one. Sound mysterious? It's supposed to be - don't throw your pearls before swine

Do you really need the truth?

Even if your products are rated 11/10 by customers and with all the approvals of the Institute of Mother and Child, ALWAYS there will always be someone who says they suck. Sometimes they don't even have to use them to find out. If you actively promote your business on social media on social media with your name on it, you will find out that:


is this F* true or ?

- you have crooked teeth, - you whine like a pig in heat, - you have nothing intelligent to say, - with a face like that, you can go to the circus, - only gullible people pay for your services,