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There is a lot of stress in the gaming business.

Or actually a ton of stress. Great expectations. Powerful pressure. And it's all overwhelming and overwhelming. It's conducive to conflict. We were prepared for that. The remedy for resolving disputes quickly was the awareness of a common goal. Come on, we're adults. We've known each other for a long time. We know that if your nerves are getting on, you have to pull your emotions, talk in human terms and go on with your work.

Sweeping problems under the carpet only postpones the escalation of problems. You have to verbalize your doubts. What is important is to know when to talk. The peak of emotional elation is not a good time to discuss... Only when I return to the state of equilibrium, with a clear mind, do I try to resolve the conflict.

Done is better than perfect

It's time to ask a question from the survey. Sounds like it:

How did you reconcile the Done is better than perfect approach with offering the highest quality Program?

I always say that it doesn't have to be perfect to be good.

BUT, in my opinion, work should be done as well as possible, according to the possibilities. And I think that the approach is most important. When creating a project for each player individually, we set ourselves a very high bar done, because we had the necessary means for that. With the possibilities offered by the pre-sale result, making a course of the highest level was our duty to our customers. I remind you that we spent 100 thousand dollars on the production of the Program!

Nevertheless, the program for the commentator is not perfect. We were under no illusions that it would be so, even with a huge budget. Thanks to the students' feedback, we are constantly adding corrections. If we wanted to create something perfect, we wouldn't have moved at all. It's easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism.

Mentors wanted to make brilliant recordings of their lessons so much that it became their blogger.

They didn't make a single minute of material for a month. It wasn't until they just started working, with no exaggerated expectations, that the preparation of the material started from the hoof. It was definitely not perfect! It happened that they recorded one part of the material several times, because there was still something wrong. But with each subsequent attempt it was one step closer to perfect. Each time they reached a bit higher level. Eventually, they prepared a program that delighted thousands of students with its quality.

To sum up - mistakes happen even to old students. However, each time they generously give us valuable experience, as long as we are mature enough to draw conclusions from them. No matter what swamp we get into, we are winners.

Coelho's concentration is above normal, time to go.

Important announcement! For now, this is the last entry for training new pro-gamers. We are gathering with you all our experiences from every tournament and e-sport sales event. You will find there a huge dose of information about what's bothering you in the computer games industry

In the coming weeks, we will return to the classic sports topics, mainly League of legends, Cunter Strike, Starcraft 2 and Call of duty !

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