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Write if you need help! Every player has his rights ! Unfortunately, heckling and rude comments are an inseparable part of the Internet-- like visiting your grandmother and asking if you're hungry. It's absurd, but people on the Internet can heap even charity work. So remember two important things from this message: 1. it affects absolutely EVERYONE, regardless of regardless of gender, race, religion, weight, height, hair color, where and whether you prefer Kielecki mayonnaise or Winiary. SCIENCE BE(A)CH ? 2) It is independent of the quality of your of your products and your industry. You can You can be a salesman, and you can be a relationship coach. You can be ultra-quality and exceed customer expectations every time You can be ultra-quality and exceed your customers' expectations every time. of your career you're going to get a nice message in your inbox message titled "Die!"