Respects the viewer as an everyday gambler

There is nothing worse than a streamer that treats its viewers like cogs in a money-making machine.

I abhor bringing people without whom the success of the company would not be possible, to the resource or cost. A player is above all an equal man to a viewer. Forgetting it is a shot in the knee. Unless people leave the toxic employer, they will be a frustrated group (you can't talk about the team anymore...) that doesn't care about esport.

When the people you work with feel valued, they want a common goal. It's also important that the competition between professional players in Counter Strike or DOTA2 is fun for them. The combination of these two aspects gives you real rocket fuel to drive your business.

In contacts with my team I try to emphasize how important role in functioning of each player is played by individuals. Respect is essential.

There is a lot to say about working on Twitch streaming platform or esports forum. Enough to launch a team building program in the fall! We will share our previous experience related to delegation of responsibilities, selection of employees, processes facilitating cooperation and many other issues! Our goal is to turn a lone wolf into a team owner, thanks to which he will gain time to do what he loves.

A good player cares about relations not only inside the company. What also counts are the people who make sense to run any business - customers. My book and access to courses have already been bought by several thousand people. Sometimes this number makes me intimidated. All these people are not elements of a uniform mass, which forms my empire. They are individuals who deserve attention and respect. It doesn't matter if they are regular customers or if they bought one product.

Although you don't notice it every day, every decision changes a lot - even the seemingly unimportant one. And what, the perspective changes, right? It's not just about the money anymore, it's about respect for each other. What's more, I think that the current client is more important than the new one. And he should be fought for.

As a supporter of sports teams, I'm often not satisfied.

I often get in. But I often believe again and again and I hope for the better. It's as if our whole relationship is only to leave money with them and then be annihilated. Forever and ever, amen. The goal has been achieved. I change the game. I'm changing the competition. I'm changing the channel. A better and higher prize pool. So this is it IEM versus MAJOR ? What's better in CS?

I think the player-viewer relationship never ends. A good streamer takes care of friendly relations both before and after the mythical "bits". How can he do that? By being open to questions. By raising the quality of yourself as a human being and not just your skill in the game. Respecting the rights of his audience

Guarantees are the basic expression of respect. It's a mandatory part of mine. But what kind of guarantors do I mean. About this one time...

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