Atmosphere of the Gamer Era

It's time for the next part of Case Study My Atmosphere of the Gamer Era

If you have failed to read the previous entry on the related topic, I have an express recap for you: Express recap: what is my Gamera Atmosphere about?

The Road of the Modern Gamera is a program of learning and playing arts. It's the only one such comprehensive educational material for players with extensive experience. Three specialists and Esperanto broadcasters were responsible for the content: JArnold Pilimon, Izzak and Łukasz Carmac. I was responsible for organization, gaming houses and esports players growth

Today, I'm taking a point that often comes up during a streaming. How do I know that my stream people want to watch? Can I find viewers and thus customers? I have a good few years of experience in B2C. I can say modestly that I can determine what people might like, but nothing can replace verification by the market. Many byznesmen have driven around on their brilliant idea because they did not put it to the test of capitalist fire. But why do people watch computer games?!

That's why I base my work on hard data. Data provided to me by people interested in my offer. The success of the projects is the result of the verification process developed over the years, not my superpowers. You can construct a similar scheme for your products. Even without an extensive community, but about that later.

In the next entry, I will share with you my top secret way of seeing at the level. On the ones who are nice to have guests on your channel. But about that soon

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