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I welcome you to 2021 full of new energy and hope that this year will not shoot us so often straight in the face ;) À proposing faces... What do you think: what's the difference between "A lady of your time" or "Mama gynecologist" from Samsung? Customers of the former know what Pasha and Faker look like, but not many people know who the founder founder or current CEO of the third one. What are the pros of this?

It is easier to convince potential It is easier to convince potential customers to buy products when there is a real person It's easier to convince potential customers to buy products when there's a real, flesh-and-blood person behind them who is an authority and in a given field. What are the downsides? When people cannot afford a new Galaxy Note, they don't write vulgar comments on Samsung's profile directed at board members by name name and surname. And when someone is a businessman with his name and face, then there are remarks both to the name and to the face, and to the rest of the family back three generations. What do I mean by this?

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They say it was chaos at first, but I don't buy it. It all starts with a mailing list for every powerful player in our Esport team. If I can…

February 02, 18