Do I keep my limits in playing games

Do I keep my limits in playing games ?

I've taken a direction, I know my values. Now I could use a hold on them. The boundaries will help me here. For example, I try to work until fifteen o'clock at the most, and then give time to my wife and daughter. Without taking too much pride in the work-life balance, wondering what is work and what is not.

If a project doesn't inspire wild enthusiasm in me, I postpone it. My boundaries are set by the motto: be cool. In business, in family, in relationships with other people, in my head. For me, following this principle is SMART enough, although according to the five qualities of an exemplary goal closer to DUMB. This is not my problem anymore. :

Everyone has their own rhythm. Life is not just about playing on a computer! Mine is well defined by the song Don't rush me because I'm losing my breath. Finding it is crucial to me, because then we act most effectively. The right rhythm brings us into a blissful state of harmony, control over our own time. Importantly, there are no better or worse rhythms. Your ideal rhythm is the one that suits you best. Even if it is very much preferable. By taking small steps every day, we can come to great things. Just DO IT.

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