money in e-Sports is not the most important thing.

Over the years I have been paying attention only to potential savings (even absurdly low, even a one BITS) and profits.

It was a mental cripple combined with constant anxiety. Are you sure I'm squeezing one hundred percent of my savings? Luckily, I had a metamorphosis when I understood one thing. The inflow of money is nothing but a side effect of a job well done, not a goal in itself. What will come of the millions that are in arrears when it's actually just virtual numbers that we've given value to?

They say that money breeds money. The person who invented it probably never had any contact with the money! Or her whole life revolves around her earnings. Money is extremely fertile - it can give birth to millions of different things. Then what if we treat money as a tool, a means to achieve greater goals?

For example, the freedom to choose the things we REALLY want. A lot of people point out to me that I have millions of things, and I still live like a poor man. Nothing could be further from the truth! I live exactly the way I want.

Isn't someone afraid of risk?

Even if you take a risk and lose, you are a winner! You already know what's not working for you, bravo! Does loss hurt? Of course! Still, it's worth gaining courage and buying experience, which is invaluable in time.

They say it's best to learn from someone else's mistakes. I'd agree if... one person's situation could be translated into one-to-one conditions. I think the most valuable learning comes from mistakes we make ourselves.

There are a lot of failures on the path. And that you don't have to be afraid of them, because it's a natural process. That's why I give myself the green light to fall. In order not to be the hypocrite of the century, I also allow my team to do so. There is one condition - make mistakes, but learn lessons from them. Thousands of different mistakes are better than one, but repeated over and over again.

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