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Hello Summoner again !

One day of quarantine madness I talked to my wife about the situation of entrepreneurs. My daughter was listening to this conversation and suddenly she asked (I paraphrase):

  • Can I turn myself in?
  • Sure!
  • I have a question. If our hairdresser has been working for 10 years, why didn't she earn her money?

My daughter is 7 years old, we have never discussed it before. She's unfamiliar with the subject of the financial pillow.

Nevertheless, such a solution was obvious to her. If a company has been on the market for X years and after 3 WEEKS of the crisis it has to close because it did not receive any kind help from the government, then... what kind of company? In my opinion business should provide stability for difficult times. And this is only achievable if it offers something to customers, not to the bank or the European Union. If a company does not do this, it either works overnight or goes on credit. And that's why it will go bankrupt, and the bad governance option will have nothing to do with it.  I understand that many people's frustration is now reaching its peak. Before you send me a message that I've been shit, remember one thing: this is not a contest for the worst business situation. Fury and bitterness are natural. However, I don't tolerate claiming and dragging others to the bottom. You can pour in hectoliters of grief, but that won't solve the problem. We have a difficult task ahead of us: to find ourselves in a new reality. I think the only cure is to be rational and confront the truth. It is not an art to run a business in times of hills, when people have nothing to do with money. Now comes the time to learn. Surprise, motherfucker! It seemed to me that some great tragedy paralyzing offline business is unrealistic. Well, you can see that fate is in a remarkable form and many more will surprise us. Frankly speaking, the online crisis seemed more likely to me. Some kind of digital war, through which the Internet will stop working as we know it. Digital pushing between states or corporations is the order of the day. You and I, humble web users, have no control over this. If these online conflicts were to intensify... we could just make ourselves a bowl of popcorn and watch the digital world burn.

Lesson #1 - if I lost absolutely everything today: money, websites websites, my products, my team, I'd be in a (mild) panic. Then I would take a few deep breaths. I would brew some coffee and... start build an email list. This is a key aspect of my business. I could give away all the hearts, likes, and shares without blinking an eye, but hands off my list! Only... do people read posts like this? I read people who are real! You're reading me. Statistics of my wblogs suggest that you're not an isolated case. BLOG is not dead! Why am I mentioning this? You may have read that email marketing is over. You may have heard that "1 order for 10 thousands of visitors is not bad anymore". If you hear something like that at a marketing conference, run away from it. Or at least get out of the presentation where such wisdom is being preached. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it's bullshit. Such experts simply don't know how to do email marketing. And who am I to pass judgment on that? If you're here without knowing the campaigns I've run as a manager at bookie site - http://betesport.online/ l or among the e-sports bettors at https://esporttalk.org/

Let me outline my story for you. Just give me time. I have already created several profitable patents for players. I create their image mainly in social media and Twitch. I know that when we take care of the audience properly, they will want to buy from us. Proof? I will show you the results of several campaigns based ONLY on trusting young but talented players

It was foreseeable that the economic slowdown would come at some point.

The last economic cycle took an exceptionally long time. I was stunned by what money the salesmen demanded and how the customers were putting it on the table without blinking. This will change in the near future.  Even if a prosecco was pouring from the fountains, it should be remembered that there is always a recession or even a crisis after a hoss. You cannot grow infinitely. The current recession came from an unexpected side and revealed the flaws of the system we have been building over the last years. You need to know that it is a system that is held on adhesive tape...

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