I happen to be wrong in Counter Strike and in the League of Legends- There, mistakes dont hurt as much as in life

esports vs mainstream sport , real school versus language course?

Pasha Biceps has improved the learning process at the famous Pasha London School of making mistakes while learning.

If you are learning English and don't get a feedback on your level, you may think you are a master. Only a consultation with people who have experience will show what you should improve. The same goes for playing professionally on the esports scene in Counter Strike.

A good player feels like a sniper or a supporter knows he is not infallible.

Sometimes you have to ask or admit to a mistake and there is nothing wrong with it. What's more, it's an expression of reason. BUT... does this mean that a pro player should listen to all the advice?

There has been a longstanding rule on the Internet: hit with a question and random people will speak to each other. Especially when you're so recognisable. Every day dozens of people write me their bookmaker types on websites where you can win nice prizes. It's a bit like that, but that's not the point. However, we look at the evaluation of effects, not intentions. I think that the ideas are worthless until we get down to it. I see this especially now that we are modifying our ideas, both before and during the process. How can you evaluate esport ?

Analyses ? How to evaluate players ? How do you rate the esports experts and tipsters?

How would you rate the true value? Is it worth using esports predictions. Or maybe it's better to watch and evaluate players and their form yourself. Check the information and statistics for each game separately. What's the difference if it's CS:GO, League of legends or Dota ?

This is a difficult task. The results are not everything. Apparently the most important thing, but not quite that much for today - I've just given you an insight into the mind of an ordinary gray player who thinks he's almost like a professional esports player. I hope you will find something useful in my texts. To strengthen the world of esport!

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