Unnecessary streamer and commentator work

I don't like to do unnecessary work, especially when creating a course in... playing online. That's why before I decide on this hard work, I go through some checkpoints. They help me assess if the initiative makes sense. At each stage of verification I can choose whether to enter or leave. Without a significant loss of time, money and people. How does it work? I'll explain everything using the example of Era Gamera.

Important note! During the verification process, I'm engaging as little resources as possible. Especially from the person providing the content of the program. This relieves her of unnecessary stress. I take over the risks and possible losses entirely on my shoulders.

In the case of Era Gamera, the Mentors only had to prepare materials for the weekly newsletter (specifically: send links to their articles and speeches, without creating new content). and take part in the pre-sales webinar (two hours live on Mixer and Twitch.tv). During the preparation period, I spent USD 15.5 thousand on advertisements with commentators, cosplayers and mementos, and another several thousand on the phenomenal Landing Page (chapeau bass, graphic designers, Arnoold and Annie ! ). Bigger investments started only after the success of my Twitch channel.

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