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They say it was chaos at first, but I don't buy it. It all starts with a mailing list for every powerful player in our Esport team. If I can't get a thousand people on it within a month, I'll let go. It's a clear sign that people don't need my lineup and my organization in Counter Strike, Fortnite and League of legends.

Well done e-mail marketing works great. If someone tells you that no one opens the e-mails, get away from this "specialist" as far as possible. This person just can't e-mail. So does Twitter. Now every player has an account. You must too.

In just a week, after my social media coverage, more than one and a half thousand people signed up for me personally at Gaming House. At this point, there are over ten thousand people on the list.

I will provide more details on how to search for players in future episodes. Expect openness, click-through rates, number of unsubs and content examples!

The next stage is a survey with questions about the needs of the readers of the email list. Surveys are often wrongly underestimated, so here they will have a moment of glory.

My surveys have two goals. First, I investigate the actual engagement and interest in the game. Secondly, the answers help me to build the agenda, because I find out what people need most. I don't care what my surveys look like. They can be ugly. If someone is really in Counter - Strike - believe it, you can see it on the first map on De_dust or Inferno. I don't give any bonuses for filling in. I want people to take part voluntarily, not because they were only tempted by the money.

Sometimes the questions are too complicated and go on forever. Some of them I wouldn't fill out myself. Why the circus? If somebody goes through all the logs I throw at him in a survey, I'm sure he really cares about my product.

My experience so far shows that the number of completed questionnaires is the minimum number of customers I can count on. Here the lower limit is a hundred answers. If we do not collect them, we suspend work.

And finally, the final test: pre-sale! The entry threshold is to earn one hundred thousand USD. If we get less, we return the money and leave the topic. It is only after passing this stage that I allocate the biggest part of the funds for product development. Why? If the player passes the third checkpoint, I am sure that the sale will go well.

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