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We've run out of sweeteners about the players and my candy-ass! We're finally gonna take care of the little media difficulties.

If the previous entries in the series didn't have a chance to appear to your beautiful eyes, here is an express shortcut

The path of a modern player is a learning program addressed to every young e-sportsman dreamer. It is the only such comprehensive educational material for inexperienced players but not only. In total, the program alone has given the entire organization $6 million in revenue.

If you have additional questions about the program, you can ask them in our Discrod, Telegram and Slack channels.

Your chosen questions

I will respond to the most interesting of them!

Establishing financial rules of cooperation at the very beginning is crucial for further work. Both I and Mentors wanted to go through this stage smoothly and painlessly. Our negotiations lasted a few minutes! Very good, because the very process of creating an environment suitable for the player gave us a lot of impressions.


Every self-respecting caster sits around the world and saves projects written at a loss, and trains by the way. Cosplayer provides in-house training all over Europe. Player - streamer on Twitch is a mix of everything. He trains, entertains and leaves the whole kindergarten and has a thriving online business with a global reach. Of course he is joking.

They got a lot more on their shoulders than you think. You must be prepared.

The creation of the course fell on the holiday period, so my availability wasn't the highest either - I had three holiday trips with my family. It's amazing that we found time to call each other without bending space-time.

F##or lack of other solutions, we contacted each other during the night, and the dates of inches were set several weeks in advance.

During each such videoconference we tried to use the available time to the limit. In order to ensure that our conversations would not flow away in the direction of mindless playing, we prepared an agenda before the calls. Setting the dates of meetings with you and tournament stages was the most problematic. Each of us had to be available then AND have a good internet connection.

We spent long hours on the agenda of the Program. It was fascinating to have the Champions at work. Mentors know each other for a very long time, so the cooperation went smoothly, although creating the course plan took a while. They carefully selected each topic to offer maximum value to the audience.

Commentators appear in front of the audience at numerous conferences without the slightest resistance.

They shouldn't have any difficulty speaking to the camera, right? A mistake!

If you're not necessarily just streaming the game and have your own talking head, you know that the beginnings can be difficult. In the first moments in front of the lens we turn into deer blinded by the car headlights. We are stupid, the language gets tangled up, we forget the script. And most importantly, what the hell should we do with our hands?! Despite the experience on stage, these torturers did not miss Mentors. Sometimes they recorded the same material several times!

Interesting! When I started to record the first training in Heroes 3, I had already done the training, presentations in front of the audience, with the camera I was tamed by the vlog, and the microphone was tamed in the podcast.

Nevertheless, while recording the materials, I faced the same difficulties as others when playing Warcraft, Diablo 2 or GTA 5 at the same time.

When you start your adventure with the camera, you have to be aware that the beginnings will be difficult. Don't be alienated by it! with each subsequent attempt, we become bold. There will come a day when, after checking your recording, you will feel a strong need to send it to the Oscar jury, because it will be so awesome - practice makes the master. Siup, next bon mot to the collection.

Another technical challenge was to complete the gaming-equipment. Collecting the whole setup for the home studio is not a walk on rose petals. Half poverty, if you record alone. Mentors had to take care of providing similar quality recordings so that the whole program was consistent. Additionally, we engaged a professional editor. He did a great job, calming down colors and sound from different locations.

Fortunately, when playing sky was the limit.

Thanks to a great pre-sale result, Mentors could equip themselves with the best quality equipment, which can be seen and heard in video lessons. Ironically, "in the laundry" it turned out that the original constructions from the ironing board and books were beating professional tripods on their heads.

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