Why don't I set goals ?

Dreams, I can't go blind! I had to find a substitute. Four things saved my ass... Four questions to be exact. I'll tell you about my most controversial way of doing things. You might not agree with me either...

In discussions about productivity or personal development, the slogan is always: setting goals. Without it you cannot even dream of achieving anything. Repeat after me: the goal is to be concrete, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed. In English, these qualities form a neat SMART acronym. It looks like we have a recipe for success! Or we don't have...

This time I'll tell you how I'm running a business without goals.

By the way, I don't want to demonize goal-setting. It helps a lot of people, sometimes it may even be necessary, but about that later. For me, this method has not worked.

It's funny, because after the strategy change my Bialystok empire has developed more than all the years of goal setting. I've had a long time to be bad at this SMART approach, but I thought it couldn't be otherwise. My plans and goals generated unnecessary stress and consumed countless hours. I ignored those red warning lights until something in me broke. In December 2018, my true nature took over - I abandoned my targets.

That was a bull's-eye. After all, I'm in tune with my inner self, so I'm acting just in time. I look around for opportunities. I enjoy the road, and I don't check the progress bar insistently.

There is a folk adage: plans without a fixed date of implementation are only dreams. It looks like I have a dream-driven business. Such a Pro Gamings and Walt Disney. All my amazing stories just happen in reality. It's a dream driven business. I'm fighting Disney for it.

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